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    MGs on Patrol

    In the past a large number of M.G. sports and touring cars were used by United Kingdom police forces as patrol cars. This book sets out to both give full details of the cars used, compiled from surviving police, company and club records, and in their own words tell the story of the men and women who drove them

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    Harry Lester; His cars & The Monkey stable

    The story is told by Stewart Penfound, MG enthusiast and owner of one of the last Lester MGs made.

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    MG ZS Workshop Manual

    Essential workshop manual for the MG ZS from 2001 – 2005. Covers all models, including V6 ZS 180 and the L-series Turbo Diesel.


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    MMM Yearbook 2018

    The Triple-M Register of the M.G. Car Club is home to the ohc-engined M.G. cars – Midgets, Magnas and Magnettes – built in the marque’s halcyon years of 1929 to 1936.

    The Register’s eagerly awaited 2018 Yearbook, published in May 2018, continues the tradition of providing readers with historic, technical and other information which will appeal not only to the owners of these splendid cars, but also to the wider vintage motoring fraternity and M.G. enthusiasts generally.

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    Rover K-Series engine

    Getting a Rover K-Series engine properly up and running can be a difficult task, but the result is always worthwhile.   Rover K-Series Engine – Maintenance, Repair and Modification is a practical guide to keeping these unique engines in fine working order.  The most well-known issue with the K-Series is the head gasket, and this book identifies common faults, before giving practical advice on how best to solve them.  Step-by-step guidance on  long-term engine maintenance is provided, in addition to the improvements required to prevent further problems.  A K-Series engine is stripped down to examine its clever and interesting structure, and is rebuilt with improvements.  Authors of over twenty automotive books, Iain Ayre and Rob Hawkins have combined their knowledge to bring you this book on the Rover K-Series engine.  Topics covered include the history of the K-Series; common faults and solutions; full strip down and rebuild; the Rover KV6; modifications for power and reliability; electronics and programming and comparisons with similar engine options.

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    MGF/TF Restoration Manual

    MGF/TF Restoration Manual provides the MGF/TF owner with a complete workshop guide to mechanical and body restoration for the cars. It shows the reader how to assess a car’s condition and breaks each task down into step-by-step photography and instructions, from minor repairs and maintenance procedures to a full engine strip and rebuild.

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    MG TD / TF Buyers Guide

    The essential Buyer’s Guide for the TD,TF and TF1500

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    This book is the definitive study, for the author has gone back to factory records and to the people who worked on the car in the ‘fifties, to find out how it was conceived, manufactured and marketed. Here is the real story of the MGA’s engineering, body styling and every aspect of the car’s development and production – including MG’s strategy to beat its competitors.In seven years of production, there were major successes and sad disappointments. The MGA was the car that was “right first time” and though the Twin Cam variant was a nightmare for the factory, it is now the most sought after model.This book tells how the sleepy Thames-side village of Abingdon became a mass-production centre for the MGA, how the MGA became one of America’s best-loved sports cars and how the MGA has become one of today’s classic cars, cherished by enthusiastic owners all over the world.

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    Original MGB with MGC and MGB GT V8 Restorers guide


    • Hardcover: 152 pages
    • Publisher: Herridge & Sons Ltd
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1906133182
    • ISBN-13: 978-1906133184
    • Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 1.9 x 30.5 cm