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This is the first major reprint of the MG War Time Activities book and is now produced in glossy artwork paper complete with additional pictures and information. The book was originally produced after the War and given to some members of the work force as a memento of the great work they had done during the dark years of the Second World War. Originally the author was unknown, but due to a chance phone call from Peter Watson to the Club offering to donate some MG memorabilia, it was discovered that his Grandfather, George Propert, General Manager of MG during some of the war years, was in fact the author of the original book. This has now been credited to him and the reprint is now produced with the full permission of Peter.

For those who have not already read a copy of the photocopied reproduction, the book covers each year at the factory during the war. They had to deal with some insurmountable problems which the diligence of the workers and the initiative of management saw them through. An example of this was the building of the Albemarle fuselage (the main fuselage of a relatively unknown medium bomber). The time taken in testing all the circuitry took days, but due to the initiative of two radio technicians working at the factory, a test rig was built which not only cut the time to test the system, but did it far more accurately. This is just one example of how difficulties were overcome.

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The book makes fascinating reading and gives an in-depth view of the war time years inside the MG Factory.

This is a must-read for anyone interested in MG history.