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Rule Britannia: When British Sports Cars saved the nation


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At the end of the Second World War, Britain emerged on the brink of financial disaster. After the success of being one of the nations that defeated Hitler, it found itself relying of foreign assistance to survive. A call went out from the new Labour government “Export or Die”. This was taken up by general industry, but more so from the automotive manufacturers who responded by producing some of the best sports cars the world had seen, where demand outstripped supply. MG played its part, together with other well-known marques; A.C. Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Mini Morgan and Triumph.

This is truly a great book. It’s brilliantly written and the photography by Michael Furman is outstanding, a must-read for those interested in motoring history.

Product Description

John Nikas and his researchers/contributors tell the in-depth story of how this was achieved, with much information being gleaned from marque club archives, manufacturers and museums. There is a dedicated chapter on MG, together with other references, to satisfy the MG enthusiast.