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he Register’s 84 page 2021 Yearbook, just published in May 2022, continues the tradition of providing readers with historic, technical and other information which will appeal not only to the owners of these splendid cars, but also to the wider vintage motoring fraternity and M.G. enthusiasts generally.

At the heart of the publication are wide-ranging articles chronicling historic and technical aspects of ‘the cars that made M.G.’ It also focuses on their survival and continuing successes in modern times. Articles include:

  • An account by Graeme Jackson featuring Bill Thompson and the renowned Melbourne-based Lane’s Motors Racing Team and the many fine cars from that stable;

  • A technical review and guide to the intricacies and maintenance of the clutches found in ENV 75 preselector gearboxes installed in M.G.s;

  • In ‘Built to Race’ we have Ross Kelly’s account of the impressive and varied career of the legendary K3 Magnette K3004, starting with its ownership by ‘Jock’ Manby-Colegrave and progressing through a bewildering evolution of owners and styles culminating in the writer’s acquisition of this important car in 2017;

  • A fascinating and detailed account by Mike Dalby of the 1932 Royal Automobile Club Rally to Torquay of March 1932 in which challenges and successes are faithfully recorded;

  • Chris Harrill, the present owner of the ex-Leonard 1934 NA Magnette ‘The Leonard Special’ recounts its past and present including its competition successes from 1935-1955;

  • MG enthusiast and researcher Cathelijne Spoelstra concludes the Yearbook’s specialist articles with a detailed account of 90 years of the legendary C type Montlhery Midgets from 1931-2021. The C type was the first ever car with a 750cc engine to achieve 100 miles an hour; this success was pivotal to establishing M.G. – and these little cars continue to perform effectively in present day vintage racing.


Competition Secretary Mike Linward rounds off the 2021 Yearbook with a finely illustrated and detailed account of the many racing, trialling, speed and other events in which Triple-M cars were active during 2021 – the first season back for many following the privations of 2020’s Covid lock down .


The Triple-M Register 2021 Yearbook offers much of interest for enthusiasts of cars of the pre-war era – M.G.s and other marques alike – in a professionally presented publication, with a limited print edition. Now is the ideal time to add it to your bookshelf.