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Barrie’s Notes MGB GT V8 in 21st Century


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The book highlights useful information on the V8 engine – threads, corrosion, cylinder heads, the rocker shafts and hydraulic tappets, oil pressure and engine mounts. He touches on ethanol in motor fuel and the undesirable effects on rubber fuel hose and the absorption of water, particularly when a car is stored over winter. His coverage of ignition components and maintenance are helpful and he concludes his car is noticeably smoother and more responsive since fitting an electronic ignition package. Ten pages of notes on the gearbox and overdrive are good although he recommends removing overdrive on third gear but recognises others feel it is an attractive feature , but one that needs to be used carefully. His coverage of electrics on a V8 ends with some suggested modifications – the popular replacement of the sealed beams with a halogen upgrade, a relay on the twin horns to overcome difficulties with the horn push mechanism, rerouting the twin cooling fan wiring to a spare terminal on the alternator and adding a blade fuse, and upgrading the single speed heater fan to the later two speed spec. There is no mention of the benefits of a single 12 volt battery conversion to replace the original twin six volt arrangement and no mention of the addition of a simple blade fuse on the overdrive circuit to the solenoid. He covers suspension and brakes well including brief comments on modifications like anti-tramp bars, castor reduction and rear anti-roll bars.

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Maintaining an MGB GT V8 in the 21st Century