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By Richard L. Knudson. M.G. established its reputation as a world-class sports car manufacturer by winning races and breaking class speed records. In the 1930s Cecil Kimber, the founder of M.G., ran the fledgling motorcar factory in Abingdon. He knew the publicity value of record breaking and supported the building of special record cars. Driven by such notable motorsport names as Captain George Eyston, Major Goldie Gardner, Bobbie Kohlrausch, and Bert Denly, the cars garnered class records at various venues. The cars set records at Pendine Sands, Brooklands, France, and on the super highways of Belgium and Germany. The first book to provide in-depth coverage on these record-breaking cars. Included are International Class Record Summary charts for the EX 120, EX 127, EX 135, EX 179 & EX 181.

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2nd hand book, excellent condition, Photo Archive