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MG Y Type by Neil Cairns

Neil Cairns is known to many in the Club for his excellent engineering knowledge particularly in relation to the MG Type. Neil has decided to put all that knowledge down in print for benefit of owners of this amazing car.

The book starts of with the development history and covers the various models, YA, YB and YT in detail. Neil has based this on his 25 years of experience of owning and driving a Y Type.

He also covers hints and tips for buying a car together with many technical tips that are invaluable for an owner. He also covers the development of the XPAG engine, covering the gearbox, chassis and rear axle. For those with a restoration project on the go, he even includes a chapter on this with detailed information on how to go about restoring and dealing with the dreaded rust.

This is a gem of a book, not only for an owner of a Y Type but also for anyone with a general interest in MG’s.