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The MG ZA Magnette was designed by ex-Jowett Javelin designer Gerald Palmer. It made its debut in 1953 to an eager band of MG saloon enthusiasts. The new Magnette shared its Palmer designed bodyshell with the Wolseley 4/44 which appeared at the same time. The Magnette made good use of the BMC 1489cc, B-Series engine which gave this mid-sized family car good performance for its day. It had a graceful four door body style that looked almost Italian from some angles, it featured the traditional MG front grille which was raked to give it an aerodynamic shape to match the rest of the cars design. Inside the Magnette was well equipped and came complete with a semi-octaginal speedo as normally found in MG saloons.

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1:43 Scale

Manufacturer: Oxford Diecast

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    MG ZB Magnette


    The ZB version of the MG Magnette superseded the MG ZA and was launched in 1956. It was more powerful than its predecessor and some bodywork modifications on some of the new models included a wider rear windscreen with a wrap-around curved effect round the edges. The ZB was only produced for two years and latterly, the two-tone variant became available with the bonnet, roof lid painted in a lighter shade than the darker bottom half of the body.