MG Sports Cars 1929 – 1936


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Your definitive guide to MGs from 1929 through to 1936.

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MG Sports Cars book Hardback

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    MMM Yearbook 2017

    The Triple-M Register of the M.G. Car Club is home to the ohc-engined M.G. cars – Midgets, Magnas and Magnettes – built in the marque’s halcyon years of 1929 to 1936.

    The Register’s eagerly awaited 2017 Yearbook, published in April 2018, continues the tradition of providing readers with historic, technical and other information which will appeal not only to the owners of these splendid cars, but also to the wider vintage motoring fraternity and M.G. enthusiasts generally.

    The content features:

    • An article by John Gillett whose ex-Prince Bira M.G. K3 is depicted on the cover, in which he recounts something of the history of this celebrated car and his own competitive experience as its custodian since 2009;

    • Alan Bentley offers a detailed analysis and commentary on supercharging the early M.G.s with particular emphasis on the Zoller and Powerplus units;

    • Technical guru Barry Foster details the origins and evolution of the 6-cylinder engines as fitted to F type Magnas and their context with other M.G. engine developments. Present day refinements are also discussed;

    • Register President Mike Allison, the well-known M.G. historian and author who worked for many years at the Abingdon factory, gives a first hand account of the men who influenced the evolution and making of Triple-M M.G.s;

    • History is also served by the reprise of a 1973 article by the late Nigel Musselwhite ‘J4 in the Mille Miglia’ in which the author describes the rapid preparation of J4002 and the successful outcome of the campaign in this event, in which he and Colin Tieche took part that year;

    • Graeme Jackson recounts a tale of three J types which made their way to Australia and the story of their serendipitous survival on road and track;

    • Competition Secretary Mike Linward rounds off the Yearbook with a 29 page illustrated account of the many racing, trialling, speed and other events in which Triple-M cars competed during 2017.

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    A comprehensive following of 50 years of the history and character of the model from pre-production concepts and prototypes through modern day activities. This includes many stories of special cars and special people and the way the cars have been used (and abused) over the decades. At times the cars were near orphans with low value, so it is a wonder how so many MGAs have survived, and are still with us today. The book pays tribute to the unique character of this particular model and the reasons why people find them so endearing. It covers variants and modified cars, the motorsport efforts of works cars and privateers, a myriad of speed records and competition titles, and distribution of the cars around the world.