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  • £24.00

    MG Wing Protector cover

    No more scratches to the wing of your car, by using the MG wing protector.


  • £17.50

    MG Seat Protector

    This hard-wearing seat protector will keep your driver’s seat at its best if you’re busy working on your MG.

  • £63.00

    CTEK MXS 3.8 Battery conditioner

    To keep your battery charged. You can connect this after using your car and leave it connected permanently without worrying overcharging the battery.

    * Free connector kit included for difficult to reach batteries.
    * Monitors voltage and turns on & off automatically.
    * Can be used without disconnecting the car electrics.
    * Can charge negative & positive earth vehicles.
    * Waterproof case for vehicles kept outside.

    Auto: Fully automatic for optimal charging
    12V: For all lead-acid batteries
    Step 6: Fully Charged Battery
    Step 7: Maintenance Charging
    COLD/AGM: Charging in cold conditions and AGM batteries
    SMALL: Program for charging small batteries
    NORMAL: Program for charging normal batteries

  • £12.00

    Car Dehumidifier

    Developed to remove excess humidity, condensation and musty odours in your car.
    It will help prevent fogged up windscreens and windows by absorbing excess moisture – up to 60ml per cycle – whilst the absorbed water is safely retained without ever leaking during use.
    When the bag is fully saturated, the colour of the circular indicator will change from blue to pink. You can then recharge Pingi by heating it in a microwave for 6 minutes. It can be re-used as soon as it is cool.
    Pingi is non-toxic and may therefore be used around children and animals. It contributes to a healthier environment and can be used for years on end

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    Meguiars Car Gift Set

    Meguiars Car Gift Set