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  • £40.00

    Handmade Wooden MG Model

    Hand-made wooden pull along toy car in the style of the boat-tail Triple MGs from the 1930s.

    Available in a selection of MG-themed colours.

    Available for all ages – to play with or to keep as a part of a collection.
  • £7.50£12.50

    MG ZT Model

    Scale: 1:43

    Based on the Rover 75 the XT was universally praised for its hadling after MG/Rover’s engineers had changed the chassis bias from comfort to sporting during the cars development. The 2.5 litre 190bhp front wheel drive car modelled was later joined by a rear wheel drive version, which was powered by a 260bhp Ford sourced V8.

  • £30.00

    MGB Roadster – Red

    1:43 scale model of the iconic MGB Roadster 1964, finished in red with black interior. Limited Edition – 1 of 1500 pieces.

    Manufacturer: Triple9 Premium.

  • £30.00

    MGB Roadster – Green

    1:43 scale mode of the iconic MGB Roadster 1964, finished in British Racing Green with brown interior. Limited Edition – 1 of 1500 pieces.

    Manufacturer: Triple9 Premium.

  • £35.00

    MGA Roadster – Red


    Arguably the most beautiful car ever to wear the Octagon, this 1:43 scale model by Norev represents the MGA in stunning Orient Red, complete with a detachable black hood. A must have for any MGA owner, or anyone who dreams of owning the real thing!

  • £20.00

    MG BTCC 2017 Baseball Cap

    MG MG BTCC Cap, adjustable strap, one size – 100% Cotton

  • £35.00

    MGA Coupé – Black

    1956 MGA Coupé in Black with Red interior.

    1:43 Scale

    Manufacturer: Norev

  • £25.00

    MG TC

    Diecast miniature car MG TC Colour: Black

    Scale: 1:43

  • £21.50

    MG ZA Magnette – Birch Grey


    The MG ZA Magnette was designed by ex-Jowett Javelin designer Gerald Palmer. It made its debut in 1953 to an eager band of MG saloon enthusiasts. The new Magnette shared its Palmer designed bodyshell with the Wolseley 4/44 which appeared at the same time. The Magnette made good use of the BMC 1489cc, B-Series engine which gave this mid-sized family car good performance for its day. It had a graceful four door body style that looked almost Italian from some angles, it featured the traditional MG front grille which was raked to give it an aerodynamic shape to match the rest of the cars design. Inside the Magnette was well equipped and came complete with a semi-octaginal speedo as normally found in MG saloons.